Sekonic L-398A Light Meter Studio Deluxe III (401-399)

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Sekonic L-398A Light Meter Studio Deluxe III (401-399) Description

Product Description Sekonic has redesigned their popular analog light meter to more current industry standards. The Studio Deluxe III L-398A retains all of the legendary features and benefits of its predecessor. Using an environmentally-friendly amorphous silicon photocell, Sekonic can continue to offer the popular L-398 battery-free. The L-398A offers both ‘Still’ and ‘Cine’ shooters the familiar features and repeatable accuracy expected from Sekonic. From the Manufacturer  L-398A Studio Deluxe III The classic photo meter tracing its roots to the famous Norwood Director, the Sekonic L-398A has become a favorite with cinematographers the world over. A pure analog experience, the meter needle and exposure dial system gives you all reading combinations at a single glance. And because it uses an amorphous photocell that generates its own power, there is no need for a battery. Incident measurements can be taken with the over 180-degree Lumisphere for general readings of three-dimensional objects, or with the Lumidisc selective area readings, measuring the lighting ratios between highlights and shadow areas or light falling on flat-field objects such as artwork, measurements outdoors or under bright studio lights. The Sekonic L-398A’s swivel head allows you to hold down the metering button and ‘walk the set’ to check light levels. Release the button, and the needle locks down the meter’s analog display needle for easy-to-read exposure calculations. Exposures are displayed for both still and cine applications.For reflected readings, a flat Lumigrid replaces the Lumisphere. If you plan on shooting with a fixed ISO and shutter speed, an optional Slide Set (Direct Reading Slides) makes it easier to take readings in fast-paced shooting scenarios. The Sekonic L-398A Studio Deluxe III makes an ideal prime or back-up meter for still or motion picture shooters. Instant reading of full range of aperture/shutter combinations The analog dial gives you full range of exposure settings for both still and cine applications at a single glance. The analog needle indicates the brightness in foot-candles. Amorphous photosensor eliminates need for batteries The photocell in this meter generates its own energy to move the analog meter needle. The L-398A is always ready to go. There is no need to change batteries. Swivel Head to position incident dome and maintain full view of display Easily position the Lumidome for best light reception as you position the meter body for best reading. The swivel head enables “walking the set’ to check the evenness of light levels. Continuous reading plus needle lock for easy and accurate readings Press and hold the measuring button to take continuous readings in varying conditions. Release the measuring button to lock the analog needle in place for exposure calculation. Lumidisc for adjusting illumination contrast and measuring illumination intensity Take selective area readings or measure several lights for ratios between highlights and shadow areas. Also used for measuring light falling on flat-field objects such as green-screens and artwork. Lumigrid for measuring reflected light Replace the Lumisphere with the Lumigrid to take reflected light readings of subject areas from the camera position. An optional Slide Set (Direct Reading Slides) enables adjusting the reading meter’s reading range for bright subjects. Memory pointer retains prior reading Just align the pointer with the analog needle to transfer brightness readings to the exposure dial. Once set, a second reading can be made to compare brightness of different lights to adjust light ratios. Accessories Supplied with Lumisphere, Lumidisc, Lumigrid, High-slide, case and neck cord. Set of 11 direct reading slides sold separately Technical Specifications: Type: Analog exposure meter for ambient light Receptor Head: Rotating Domed Head 90° to the right, 180° to the left, Removeable for Contrast Reading Light Receiving Method: Incident light and reflected light Receptor Incident Light: Interchangeable Lumisphere and Lumidisc Receptor Reflected Light: Interchangeable Lumigrid Light Receptor Element: Amorphous silicon photocell Measuring Range and Modes Measuring Modes Ambient Light: – Aperture priority metering- EV metering- Shutter priority metering Measuring Range (ISO 100) Ambient Light: – Incident light: EV 4 to EV 17- Reflected light: EV 9 to EV 17 Repeatability Repeat Accuracy: (+/-) 0.3 EV or less Calibration Constant Incident: Lumisphere C = 340 Calibration Constant Reflected: K = 12.5 Display Range and Modes Display Range Film Speed: ISO 6 to 12000 (in 1/3 steps) Display Range Shutter Speeds Ambient: 60 min to 1/8000 sec. (in 1, 1/2, 1/3 steps) Display Range Aperture: f/0.7 to f/128.0 (in 1, 1/2, 1/3 steps) Display Cine Speeds fps: 8 fps -128 fps Display Range Analog Scale Aperture: f/.7 to f/128 (in 1, 1/2 or 1/3 steps) Display Range Analog Scale Shutter Speed: 60 sec. to 1/8000 sec. (in 1, 1/2 or 1/3 steps) Other Battery Power Indicator Display: Battery Capacity Checker Button and Guide Needle Battery(Power): Self-powered: Selenium photocell eliminates need for batteries Dimension and Weight Product Dimensions: 4.40×2.30×1.30 in./11.20×5.80×3.30 cm Product Weight: 0.40lbs./0.20kg. Item Includes:L-398A Case, Strap, Lumidisc, Lumigrid and High Slide

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