Fat Shark FSV1063 Dominator V3

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Fat Shark FSV1063 Dominator V3 Description

The Dominator V3 Headset is the workhorse of FPV racing pros. Supporting up to 720p HDMI or modular analog streams, the Dominator V3 boasts a 30 degree field of view on a 16:9-format WVGA screen. The onboard DVR swaps between NTSC and PAL formats with backup power to write files should the power be disconnected while recording. Modular bays support 1G3, 2G4 and 5G8 band receivers as well as the Trinity head tracker.For the most immersive experience, an optional 3-Axis Trinity Head Tracker module can be used. The head tracker enables pan, tilt, and roll of an aircraft-mounted FPV camera (sold separately) using the motion of the headset.The Dominator is fitted a fan faceplate which provides superior comfort and prevents lens fogging.In order to receive a video downlink from a wireless video transmitter, a receiver module is required. Please note that Fat Shark only guarantees compatibility with NexwaveRF modules from Fat Shark or ImmersionRC. Power is provided to the headset using the new 1800mAh battery which securely fits in a head strap pocket on the headset. The battery pack includes a 3 pole balance lead for charging off standard RC type chargers. Also included with the headset is a DC power cable, AV cable, and carrying case.Battery charger sold separately.

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